Looking for machinima actors!

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    Hello GoldenCrafters, as most of you know, I am obsessed with machinimas XD. I am looking for actors because I am gonna shoot a big scene in, "If you couldn't build in Minecraft." I am looking for roughly 4-6 people, and if you are up for acting, please say your Minecraft IGN in the comments and we can schedule a good time for filming :). Thanks!

    Channel = RecklessRice :) If interested.
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    I am also gonna do a contest at 100 subs! Everybody in the comments of that video will say, "I am in," Or something like that. Once you are in, I will add you to the list of contestants. I will use a random picker thingy that will pick the winner. Whoever wins will receive a shoutout and possibly a free video.

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